September 04, 2013
Contact: Mark Mazzone

SPART*A Applauds White House Decision To No Longer Defend Title 38 BarringSame-Sex Spouses from VA Benefits


Contact: Mark Mazzone, Deputy Communications Director, SPART*A, 910.431.5207

SPART*A applauds Judge Consuelo Marshall’s decision in siding with the plaintiff, Mrs. Tracey Cooper-Harris, a disabled Army veteran. While Secretary Shinseki chose to follow the letter of the law, it is clear that Title 38 is not in line with the values of the American people and other national agencies currently changing their policies to grant benefits for same-sex married couples. After the Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA in Windsor, the VA would have been forgiven for following suit in ensuring all married LGBT veterans are entitled to the same benefits as their heterosexual counterparts. Judge Marshall's summary judgment should be a catalyst for the VA to fall immediately in line with the spirit and intent of Windsor in not only granting benefits, but also following the IRS and DOD in using the "rule of celebration" to recognize all legal marriages, regardless of whether the veteran's state of residence does so.


About SPART*A: SPART*A is a group of LGBT people who currently serve or have served in the military and our families as well as veteran and uniformed allies. We are a membership organization, built by, for and with members from all parts of the LGBT military community. SPART*A’s mission is to advocate for and support our actively serving LGBT military members and veterans, and their families.

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