Steve May

stevemay.jpgSteve May was an Army officer, who left the military with an honorable discharge in 1995. He became politician serving in the Arizona House of Representatives, beginning in 1996. He was openly gay when he ran for and served in the legislature. Never the less the U.S. Army recalled to him active duty in 1999.

He was recalled by the Army Reserves, as a First Lieutenant, in April 1999 and in May a local magazine reported on him under the headline "Gay Ring Wing Mormon Steve May is a Walking Talking Contradiction". In July the Army notified him that he was under investigation for homosexuality.  In March 2000, the Army asked him to resign and he refused. On September 17, 2000, an Army panel recommended May be given an honorable discharge under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. May fought to remain in service and in January 2001 the Army terminated its discharge proceedings. May received an honorable discharge in May 2001 at the scheduled conclusion of his term of service. During his time in office, May served as the chairman of the House Ways and Means committee and was instrumental in getting Arizona's sodomy law repealed.

LGBT History Month celebrates the achievements of many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people who have contributed significantly in several ways to the advancement of our community. Limited by the number of days on the calendar, showcasing every individual who has made a major impact would be difficult. Yet, across decades and eras, revolutions and wars, and discovery and enlightenment, SPART*A honors past and present LGBT figures in our history this month.


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