October 31, 2013
Contact: Mark Mazzone

SPART*A Applauds Defense Secretary Hagel’s Call for Equality in the National Guard

Washington, D.C., October 31, 2013 – The LGBT military organization SPART*A issued a statement thanking Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel for his comments tonight calling for state-run National Guard Bureaus to recognize the spouses of military service members in line with Department of Defense policy. A number of states in which same-sex marriage is not recognized have refused to issue the appropriate documentation to the spouses of their National Guard soldiers and airmen. 

“SPART*A salutes Secretary of Defense Hagel for standing up for military families. Our National Guard brothers and sisters have deployed with us around the world, in harm’s way, often very far from their loved ones. Just like all service members, whether they are active duty or reserve component, they deserve respect for themselves and their families. Secretary Hagel’s strong statement reflects those values which are at the core of our military honor and our service. Thank you, Sir, for having our backs.”


About SPART*A: SPART*A is a group of LGBT people who currently serve or have served in the military and our families as well as veteran and uniformed allies. We are a membership organization, built by, for and with members from all parts of the LGBT military community. SPART*A’s mission is to advocate for and support our actively serving LGBT military members and veterans, and their families. 




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