Regional Director Job Description & Application

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The Regional Director is responsible for the overall guidance of the Region. The Regional Director must possess excellent time management skills; the ability to communicate ideas and expectations in a clear manner to a diverse group of members; and the ability to delegate duties for increased efficiency. The Regional Director must be motivational and proactive in regards to national policies and expectations. The Regional Director is responsible to the SPART*A National Board of Directors, Regional Leadership, and the regional membership. The time requirements of this position are estimated at 8‐10 hours per month to address national responsibilities and 12‐14 hours per month to address regional responsibilities. The Regional Director must also be able to attend the following meetings at a minimum:


1.)    A minimum of one face‐to‐face/internet/conference call meeting with the Regional Board per month

2.)    A minimum of one face‐to‐face/internet/conference call meeting with the National Board per month

3.)    A minimum of one face‐to‐face/internet/conference call meeting with their own regional officers per month



  • Maintain an individual membership within the organization.

  • Guide the overall direction of bylaws and  review them at least every two years, using  input from the regional officers and/or regional members.

  • Serve as an active participant in national and regional meetings.

  • Provide constructive feedback and personal views on time and when appropriate.

  • Volunteer for and accept assignments and responsibilities at the national level.

  • Assist with the fundraising efforts for the national organization, and coordinate fundraising efforts at the regional level.

  • Manage and maintain membership database and regional web pages, within the guidelines as set forth by the SPART*A Webpage Standing Operating Procedures.

  • Be an ambassador for SPART*A in the greater community, telling our story whenever possible.

  • Attend events held by LGBT and partner organizations.

Knowledge and Experience Requirements

  • Broad SPART*A knowledge and perspective, with particular understanding of the advocacy and legal segment.


Skills and Abilities

  • Role Model: Sets the standard for and consistently demonstrates the behaviors and values of SPART*Ans

  • Execution Skills: Results oriented, proactive and decisive; gets work done through others; strong time management and organizational skills.

  • Effective Communication: Possesses strong oral and written communication skills; makes effective presentations and speeches; gets messages across that have the desired effect; demonstrates strong listening skills; influences others.

  • Interpersonal Savvy: Builds constructive and effective relationships; uses diplomacy and tact.

  • Collaborative Style: Builds strong partnerships and alliances with others by identifying mutual goals and fostering open dialogue; easily creates virtual teams; shares wins and successes.

  • Conflict Management: Finds common ground and gets cooperation with minimum noise; reads situations quickly and is good at focused listening.

  • Directs and  Develops Others: Gives clear directions and lays out work in a well planned, organized manner; maintains two-way dialogue about work and results without micro-managing; coaches and mentors others to develop them and bring out their best.

  • Problem Solving: solves difficult and complex problems with effective solutions; is excellent at honest analysis.

  • Technical Skills: Access to and basic proficiency with Internet/Email, Word, Power Point, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Drive, and Excel.



If you meet the above criteria and are interested in becoming a Regional Director please fill out the form here.


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