Step Forward

I am not, nor have I ever been in the Military or any form of it. However, if this ban is lifted, you best believe I will be joining. And statistics show that many others will as well.

Ashton Carter has stated the ban to be outdated, which is completely true. And I whole heartedly hope that the Department of Defenses' decision is the right one.

I mean it's a win/ win situation if they allow us to get in the military. For one, America can get more people to serve in the Military (be it Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard), and the individual who wants to enlist, can do something that they want to do. They can do something good with their lives.

As far as the arguments against us serving, there are options.

"Where will they be housed?" In barracks/ sleeping quarters of their identified gender MtF in females sleeping quarters, and FtM in Males. If they are worried about anything, create some sort of "in transition" sleeping quarters or something.

Uniforms? Well again if I am female in my heart, mind and soul (unfortunately not physically) I still DONT want to wear a mens uniform. I am MtF, so I would wear a women's uniform. FtM is likely going to want to wear a mens uniform, not women's. 

Health Coverage? We already have Transgender Care which covers hormones, and nessecary surgery. Extend the same benefits into Military Health Coverage. I mean cosmetic stuff, like bodily feminization (we are talking facial reconstruction, tracheal shave, and stuff like that). I say no. But if they decide that bodily feminization surgery would be covered, I wouldn't argue. 
I am talking like bottom reconstruction the actual Gender Reassignment, like other insurance plans, should be covered.

The choice is simple for the Department of Defense. They should allow us who are able and willing… willing to dedicate our time, service and even our lives to serve. It is time to step forward!

Because underneath everything, we are just the same, with one common goal… one common wish which is to serve our country  

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