Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy K. Johnson, 36, is veteran of the U.S. Navy (active duty, ‘96-’07) who was discharged under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell after serving 10 years as a journalist and public affairs specialist. In September of 2011, two days after full repeal of the law was implemented, he returned to uniformed service in the Navy as a reservist out of Baltimore, Md. During the gap in military service, Jeremy began volunteering with The 6th Branch, a veteran led nonprofit community service organization in Baltimore. He immediately became the Public Relations Director  and was voted onto the board in 2011. The 6th Branch has since received local, national and international attention for its work to revitalize the neighborhood of Oliver, once infamous for serving as an exterior location for HBO’s “The Wire” and for its record of violent crimes. In 2012, Jeremy was elected by the members of OutServe’s National Capital Region chapter to serve as co-lead. He filled the role for a year while also serving on SLDN’s Military Advisory Council and as OutServe Magazine’s Blog Editor. In addition to his 15 years of experience in internal and external communications, Jeremy recently completed his sociology degree with University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He currently works as a communications specialist with The Palm Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching issues related to sexual minorities in the military.