Meeting of the Minds

As part of our efforts to reach out and include our members we have established a few members only pages here on our website. Most of these pages are designed to allow you, the members, to interact with one another and with the SPART*A leadership in an environment that is more member oriented than a Facebook forum. Here you can post things that pertain to you, and discuss how being LGBT has impacted you. Your fellow users will be able to respond, allowing for conversations about a variety of issues right here on No one except verified/vetted members and SPART*A staff will see your posts, so please let your hair down and converse with your fellow SPART*Ans!

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    As the Membership Director, I am always looking for ideas that help our members get involved in their communities, as well as with each other.
    October 26th is Day of the Deployed. Any ideas on what we can do for the first SPART*A project?
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    Check out our new members only blog feature!
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