SPART*A is about family

When I was in Afghanistan 5 years ago, this new group started in secret. It was called OutServe. As OS grew and the need for localized chapters emerged, there was a call for those that identified as transgender. I was barely out to myself much less anyone else. I reached out. I became member #2. Over the next few years as people began to be more open about themselves, eventually this little group became SPART*A Trans. And now we are almost 400 strong. Whether I was in Afghanistan, underwater on the submarine, dealing with my family, dealing with work, there was always someone willing to listen. Someone willing to take the time to help me through dark times. Someone to challenge me to grow into a better person. Someone to challenge my notions of what it means to be transgender. That place is SPART*A. SPART*A is the family I needed to become the man I am today. What impact has SPART*A had on your life?

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    What a beautiful story through it gives to have clear notion of the community eg really important and beneficial to everyone involved. Renato Alves
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